Handheld marine radio MH130

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New portable VHF marine transceiver, completely floating in case of accidental falling into water. It can be easily recovered and flashing lights makes MH130 clearly spotted in the sea.

More information

Floating for easy recovery
Flashing lights for a rapid spotting
ATIS function
Dual/Tri-watch Mode

CH 16/9 button
Favourite/Memory Tag channel selection
11 levels Squelch
Automatic backlight 
Power Save
Key Lock
Beep Tone button
Priority Scan, Memory Scan and Autoscan
Private Channels and WX Channel for USA
5/1 Watt Swichable Power


Supplied with: Li-ion Battery Pack, Adaptor together with charger dock, Belt Clip, Handstrap, Antenna, User's Manual.

Compliance with 1999/5/EC

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