Weather Gateway & MA10100 Temperature Sensor

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 The perfect starter set for monitoring temperature in your home the MA10001 includes the new Mobile-Alerts Gateway and all important wireless temperature transmitter. On set-up simply use the cable provided to connect the Gateway to your home or office router; once connected temperature data is sent direct to your phone via the Mobile-Alerts App.

Simply go to the Apple App Store, Google Play or scan the QR included in your product box to get the app on your phone. View current data, historical data and receive Min/Max alerts from up to 50 individual sensors.

One MA10000 Gateway can receive data from up to 50 individual sensors
Temperature measurement interval every 7 minutes
Fault status messages immediately sent to your smartphone when alert ranges are exceeded
Check data worldwide with the Mobile-Alerts App - a quick look on your smartphone lets you know the temperature around your home … any time, anywhere. 

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