Temperature / Humidity Stations

TechnoLine digital temperature and humidity stations combine style and functionality to offer both indoor and outdoor weather parameters. Top features include min/max data, time and date functions and the option of additional sensors for measurements in up to three locations. For a unique modern design choose from the new Premium Collection.

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Air Quality CO2 Monitor

Air Quality Monitor which measures indoor temperature, indoor humidity, indoor CO2 and have also one wireless temperature sensor for outdoor temperature.

SKU: WL 2000
59,00 €
Air quality monitor

WL 1005 - Air quality monitor

SKU: WL 1005
29,00 €
Air quality monitor  with Radio controlled clock

WL 1000 braun - Air quality monitor DCF-77 Radio controlled clock with manual setting option


SKU: WL 1000 braun
39,00 €
MA 10200 Mobile-Alerts Thermo-Hygro Sensor

Mobile-Alerts Thermo-Hygro Sensor

SKU: MA10200
19,90 €
MA10350 thermo- hygrometer with water detection cable sensor

Thermo- hygrometer sensor with LCD screen and water detection cable sensor.

SKU: MA 10350
34,90 €
Temperature & humidity sensors

Temperature & humidity sensors 

SKU: MA 10101
19,90 €
Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor

SKU: MA 10100
19,90 €
Thermo- hygrometer with cable waterproof temperature sensor

Thermo- hygrometer with cable waterproof temperature sensor

SKU: MA 10300
34,90 €
Weather Gateway & MA10100 Temperature Sensor

The perfect starter set for monitoring temperature in your home the MA10001 includes the new Mobile-Alerts Gateway and all important wireless temperature transmitter. On set-up simply use the cable provided to connect the Gateway to your home or office router; once connected temperature data is sent direct to your phone via the Mobile-Alerts App

54,00 €
Window or Door Contact

Window or Door Contact

SKU: MA 10800
36,00 €