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General data

The SKYWATCH® GEOS N°11 is a high performance professional instrument benefiting from our 25 years of experience in developing measuring devices. It uses only industry quality components and pressure, windspeed, humidity and temperature sensors that are made in Switzerland.

The SKYWATCH® GEOS N°11 is specially designed for intensive use in harsh environments.

Multi-purpose, accurate and equipped with large memory capacities with the ability of real time data transfer, the Geos 11 and its accessories are particularly well adapted for numerous activities.



Fields of applications:

  • Agriculture: control of wind speed and direction before using sprayed chemicals.
  • Agri-foodstuff: control of storage environment (temperature, humidity).
  • Automobile: high-performance engine mechanics (density altitude).
  • Aviation: reading of the Flight Level, height, finesse, pressure, altitude, altitude variation, etc..
  • Rappelling: check the height when rappelling down.
  • HVAC: air flows and temperature measurements.
  • Sporting events: control of weather conditions during meetings, contests validation.
  • Trekking: recording of extreme conditions (mountains, deserts, polar spots), warning of sudden weather changes, wind chill indication.
  • Civil engineering: security on sites, labor working conditions.
  • Geology: altitude and stratum measurement.
  • Military: heat stroke prevention, long range shooters, skydiving, artillery, weather conditions checking in case of chemical attacks.
  • Firefighters: managing the risk of forest fire propagation (wind speed and direction).
  • Reptiles: control and maintenance of livable conditions (temperature and humidity).
  • Sauvetage: évaluation des conditions de sauvetage et de survie (gardes-côtes, sauvetage par hélicoptère, etc.).
  • Science: meteorology, environment, aerodynamic, etc.
  • Sports and leisure: mountain bikes, climbing, alpinism, hiking, bow shooting, fishing, golf, scale models, kites, etc…
  • Free flight: hang gliding, paragliding, skydiving, balloon, base jump, wing flight.
  • Volcanology: crater height measurement, risk evaluation of gas emanation, etc…

Technical specifications


  • Units
  • Resolution
  • Measuring cycle
  • Accuracy
  • Measuring range
km/h, mph, m/s, fps, knots and Beaufort
0.1 unit
0.1 to 25.0 Beaufort
± 2%
3 to 300 (pic) km/h


  • Units
  • Resolution
  • Measuring cycle
  • Accuracy
  • Measuring range
°C and °F
0.1° <99.9 then 1° > 100
very reactive
± 0.5°C to 25°C
-40°C to +85°C


  • Units
  • Resolution
  • Measuring cycle
  • Accuracy
  • Measure
0.1 %rH
very reactive
± 2% to 50 %rH
0.1 to 100 %rH


    • Units
    • Resolution


  • Accuracy
  • Measuring range
m and ft
0.1 m from -999.9 to 3000 m
0.5 m from 3000 to 10000 m
1m from 10000 to 21535 m
0.1m – 1m
-1000 to 21535 m


  • Units
  • Accuracy
hPa and inHg
± 0.5% to 25°C, ± 1.5 hpa to 25°C


  • Backlight.
  • Waterproof (5 minutes at 1 meter).
  • 4 replaceable lithium batteries CR2032 (1 for the instrument, 1 spare for instrument and 2 for LED light).
  • Auto-off (after calibrated time) or permanent operation.
  • Mineral Glass Screen.
  • Wind vane.
  • Metal case.
  • 1 year warrant.