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Man have always been exposed to the whims of nature. Does my car need to be freed from ice in the morning? Do I need to bring in the laundry, because it starts to rain? Is the storm gust from the weather forecast raging at my home as well? Whether on holiday, at work or on the road, some concern is always present. However, it has never been so easy to answer these questions and to monitor your home.


The MA10050 Internet Weather Center of Technoline combines the clarity of a classic weather center with the convenient availability of the Mobile Alerts system. Together with the permanently free Mobile Alerts App you can view the data of your MA10050 sensors with your smart phone, anytime and anywhere. The weather center consists of a thermo-hygro sensor, a rain sensor and a wind sensor. Therefore an optimum coverage of the information for the focus on "Weather" is guaranteed.
In addition, the weather center includes a gateway that receives the sensor data and forwards it to the sensor cloud of Mobile Alerts. The gateway can forward the data from up to 50 sensors to the sensor cloud.


The Mobile Alerts app enables data acquisition with an appropriate history, as well as the presentation of an extensive graphic on your smart phone.  

Many different alarms can be set for each of the individual sensors. Would you like to get a push notification when the temperature or the humidity falls below a certain value, exceed a certain value or reach a specific range of values? You want to be notified when a certain amount of rainfall or wind speed is reached or exceeded? With the Internet Weather Center of Technoline all this and much more is possible.

Temperature and humidity sensor (MA10200)


Measuring range temperature: -39.9°C to +59,9°C 
Accuracy: +/- 1°C
Measuring range humidity: 20% to 99% rF
Accuracy: +/- 4% rF
Transmission frequency: 868 MHz
Transmission range: 100m (open area)
Batteries: 2 x Mignon (LR06, AA) Alkaline


Rain sensor (MA 10650)


Measuring range: 0,0 mm – 300,0 mm/h
Accuracy: 0,25 mm
Transmission frequency: 868 MHz
Transmission range: 100m (open area)
Batteries: 2 x Mignon (LR06, AA) Alkaline


Wind sensor (MA 10660)

Measuring range: 0 – 50 ms (0-180 km/h, 0-97 Knoten, 0-112 mp/h)
Accuracy: +-5%, +/-0.5m/s
Directions: 16
Resolution directions: 22.5°
Transmission frequency: 868 MHz
Transmission range: 100m (open area)
Power/Batteries: solar powered

Measuring interval: one turn of the wheel spoons

A measuring interval of up to 0.02 seconds can be achieved with stronger wind, so you will never again miss any kind of gust.



The gateway is the link between your sensors and sensor cloud; it is responsible to reliably transmit the measurement of data from the sensors to the sensor cloud. So that you can view the measurement data from the sensors on your smart phone, the measured data must be stored in the sensor cloud. In addition, the gateway accepts a cache function in the event that even your internet connection should not be available. A working internet connection is essential for the operation of the gateway.


Transmission frequency: 868 MHz
Power: 20V - 80mA AC



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