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    • Black ABS case with removable silicon strap
    • Heavy-duty polished stainless steel buckle
    • Large 39mm viewing area
    • Round 28mm diameter display size
    • New high contrast dot matrix display - 3 row
    • Large 9mm digits in normal mode
    • Massive 19mm digits for final 59 seconds
    • 3 Row display to show time and timer together
    • Soft Silicon Strap for maximum comfort
    • Water Resistant to 5 ATM
    • Shock Resistant Construction
    • Normal Timekeeping Mode (12 or 24 hour)
    • Rechargeable New text Lithium Ion Battery
    • Convenient USB Charging


    Specialist Sailing Timer Functions:
  • Increased digit height in sailing countdown functions
  • Countdown Repeat option or
  • Countdown and Up to show elapsed time for handicap races
  • 5,4,1,0 ISAF start sequence pre-programmed with audible warning signals (can be silenced if preferred)
  • 5 minute and 3 minute pre-programmed options
  • User selectable 1 minute periods – ideal for match racing
  • "Sync Button". The famous Optimum Time invention to quickly get
    back to Race time if the gun is missed
  • Count-up from zero if required to time a match
  • Electro-luminescence backlight feature
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